First extreme radius of topology curves

I have a topology contour of a valley/mountain ridge and I’m trying to extract the “ridge” at where the cliff starts. Is there a way to find the first instance of a radius? I was at first chasing control points and kinks but no luck. (108.2 KB)
I sketched a green line of what i’m trying to achieve.


Seems a little subjective, but something like this? (122.2 KB)


I’ll have to brush up on the curvature component, but i really like this approach!

This puts the curve closer to the actual summit of the ridge. (126.3 KB)

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Maybe you’ve moved on, but I figured there had to be a simpler way: (119.9 KB)

…and BTW, you didn’t solve it; you had initially credited yourself :wink:
It might seem petty, but one more solution to my name and I win a toaster oven!

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This is getting cleaner through each iteration! thanks!
I didn’t ‘Solve’ it? you mean ‘check’ the box saying it’s the solution?

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