First Chance Exception

Hello everybody,

i’m developing a Renderer Plugin for Rhino. (C++ SDK, Win 7 x64, MSVC 2010 x64 PseudoDebug)
I’ve created the project using Rhino Plugin wizard. Wizard creates A thread is running in order to execute my render function and that’s ok.
But in debug mode (after pressing the “stop render” button) a First Chance Exception is raised into MS Visual Studio. By ignoring the exception, Rhino has no problem. By running the plugin without MS debuger Rhino has no problem. Not even a warning.

Is that exception MFC related ? Do i have to handle it ? Is it a common issue ?

Thanks in advance !

Hi Mike,

Good questions, but all difficult to answer without being able to replicate the problem here. Is it possible to get the source code to a sample plug-in that can reproduce this?

– Dale

Hi Dale,

I figured it out. The issue was thread related.
I’ve just noticed that and old (i don’t know version) render class that was created by the plugin wizard had differences from a latest one (created by the newest plugin wizard) at functions that create/start and stop threads.
I reorganized those lines of code and it’s fine now.