FireGL AMD performance issue

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to optimize the performance of a laptop that we have around in the office. The laptop is relatively new and powerful. It came with a dual GPU configuration (AMD R9 M200X + Intel HD4600).

The weird thing is that after updating drivers, clean the system, etc, when I check Rhino performance, the FireGL card performs worst than the Intel…which doesn’t make any sense.

When switching Rhino from the AMD control panel to the integrated Intel card (and checking in OpenGL settings in Rhino that the Intel Card is the one recognized by RH), I get a performance punctuation of “Time to regen viewport 100 times = 4.95 seconds” in a generic model (100x100 cubes array) and a punctuation of “Time to regen viewport 100 times = 8.10 seconds.” with the FireGL.

Any hints about why this could be happening?

Thanks in advance.

Crazy isn’t it. There is probably something that we are doing that the AMD driver does not like. Unfortunately, that is extremely hard to determine.

Have you tried testing this computer with the WIP? That is a completely different OpenGL implementation written in part to specifically try and deal with some problematic AMD drivers.

I noticed the Driver Date and Version are the same for both which suggests both cards are using the same driver. Somehow that doesn’t make sense, although I’m no expert in this stuff.

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Hey @AIW,

I noticed that too.

@stevebaer I will test the WIP today and I will let you know.