Finding the point with the lowest X and Y value

I have a series of polylines, deconstructed to their control points. I wish to find the point with the lowest X and Y value, and display text there, in this care a text showing the area for each polyline.

I imagine sorting in two rounds makes sense. The highlighted point has first lowest Y point, then from remaining two points with identical Y points, the lowest X point.

Any pointers?

Kind of Similar way like what you said… (9.2 KB)

Thank you! It seems to work, but what I don’t understand is that it seems to remember if the polyline was flipped/mirrored and refers to the point in relation to that transformation, which is odd. So bottom left becomes top left if I have mirrored that polyline before. I’m using a geometry pipeline if that makes a difference.

Any idea where that information comes from?

Check this as well…a bit more reliable. (13.2 KB)


So you sorted the list of points taken from the polyline, took a subset of the top two points and sorted the X value, retrieving the top value, right? Could you explain the This & That gate part?

Here is another approach. (8.2 KB)


With no geometry posted from the OP, I skipped this party… But here is one more way, using Sort Points: (7.7 KB)

Thanks everyone, it’s turned into a useful little script!

Could someone explain why flipping curves is necessary to get this to display correctly in some of these solutions? For mirrored curves for example?

Could you post your script ? A screen capture is not often enough.
Don’t forget to internalize some data.

Ah, the problem was I was offsetting the line after, which was messing around with the position of the text

@Adam_M 's solution works great! Thank you everyone!

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