Finding the line which has an opposite direction from a group of lines

Hallo ! i am really appriated for any hint to think about this issue, what i am trying to do is find the element in the list that has opposite direction according to the rest of a group of vectors which they are starting from a certain point, these lines are representing walls in Archicad and get imported into grasshopper so they represinting the direction where the wall is started, so i need to check out which one has different direction to be changed and to mark it later as a fehler, here an example all of the vectors go clockwise except two, is there any possible to find these elements out in the list ?

thanks alot (7.8 KB)
Vector.3dm (25.4 KB)

You didn’t internalize your curves.

Hallo Hamze

simply join and explode them, this will align the single curve direction.



thanks for your replay Ben, just i might didnt explaine it well, i am trying to find that out , which element is that in the list not unify the direction of the curves, which that is not going in same direction of others


You can find the relevant curves like this:

Please note that joining the curves fixes the direction, but it also oftentimes messes with the initial curve order. (10.3 KB)

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oh, only analysis. sorry, my bad

Check this as well. (17.2 KB)

thank you so much @diff-arch for the hint and the solution , you are right about the joining curve, it changed the initial curve and it direction as well

@HS_Kim it worked perfectly for the moment, you are awsome :), that is way easier than i have done, i made it more complicated by comparing the direction of each line and the line before it.