Finding the Construction pattern of minimal surface

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I wanted to ask if anybody knows how can I find the pattern of these kinds of minimal surfaces in grasshopper?

like this:

In the paper they explain how to make such shapes. Rough shapes are done by hand in rhino (you could use grasshopper) then you apply a tool ro relax the shape and make a minimal surfaces. Kangaroo is used here but there are others tools.

Search also for Costa minimal surfaces

yeah i know the process
but i don’t know how can I apply relax tool
and then how to find fabrication strips

There are lots of tool to relax a shape, Kangaroo, Millipede, Sl
Search on food4rhino

The components I use (from starling and Millepede)
Inputs for mesh are quite simple, number of iterations (important to go not too high for mesh that couldn’t become minimal surfaces), and some coefficients for millepede.

For stripping, you have strip in Kangaroo and plugin Stripper

I did some stripper myself but I don’t distribute them (except for IAAC)


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thanks, daniel
i checked the links
it was so useful for me :star_struck:

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