Finding the angle of an opject in space?

How do I find the angle of an object in space? e.g. A cube or even a plane is at a 45 degree in a view. How can I determine that angle?

Hello - I guess you need to decide what the angle is measured to and from - the current camera view-plane to a plane on the cube?


I guess I’m looking for a tool like the Sketchup Protractor which I use to find such angles. In my example image, the cube is at an angle. I would like to rotate it to parallel the red axis. I need a way to find the angle to rotate. In SU that is a one click Protractor tool. for this, I had to draw a line from the low point then use the angle dimension tool to find the angle. I just assumed that Rhino might have an easier method. In AC a right click gives the details on an object and its angle. However that is in 2D.

You could use Rotate using first and second reference points instead of inputting an angle. For the second reference point either turn the Ortho OSnap on or hold down the shift key, and if you move the cursor close to the right or left of the rotation point the second reference point will constrained to being exactly right or left of the rotation point, ie parallel to the x-axis.

The Angle command reports the angle between two sets of locations on the command line.