Finding static structure in concept model

I have designed structure (pic01)

build from cube modules (pic02), i am looking for a way i could create a script that would decide for every wall of each module if its “construction wall” or “glass wall” and it would work together statically. Something i have in a mind i did model manually but it is just one slope of modules (pic03) . The idea is to reduce construction as much as possible.

Thank you in advance (hope the description is ok)

Hi @kulifajivan,

Strategy-wise, it would probably be good to keep track of the neighbourhood of each box.
You could come up with a set of rules, to decide wether to keep or delete a wall. For instance, if a cube has four lateral neighbours, you could lose all walls or maybe keep one, since the cube is an interior cube. Exterior cubes could be identified, if they at least have one free wall (without neighbour). This wall could be turned into a window.
Furthermore, it would probably be easier to evaluate from bottom to top, level by level. You could introduce rules, where you would keep some walls from the current level, if the cube neighbour below already has a wall, to produce continuous vertical supporting walls.

I’d probably start with a small setup to establish the rules. It would be simpler and could be scaled later.

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