Finding path on a vonoroi

Hello community!

I am trying to represent a function we found after some studies in urban settlements. Is something simple but I can find the way to represent it.
I have this equation that represent the amount of cells on a block, a rectangle in this case. I used a vonoroi to place random cells on the rectangle. The more area the rectangle have the more random cells inside. no prob with that.

Then I have an equation of the amount of breaks inside the block according to the amount of cells on it.
I managed to select random points and lines to represent the breaks but I would like to deform the vonoroi cells… and create cracks on the rectangle.

what I actually would like to have

I hope some of you find this interesting and can give me a hand with that.
I have this feeling this should be extremely easy and fast but I don’t know why I am stuck here

I would appreciate a lot your help.
here I attach the gh file
cells on a (24.7 KB)


I’m not sure if it won’t be an overkill, but you can try to use my plugin called Megarachne. Basically you can take this set of lines (or a mesh) and convert it so it will become a graph. Then you can use pathfinding with it.

cells on a (19.3 KB)

Thanks so much !

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