Finding curves meandering in between a series of lines

Hello, I’m having a “conceptual” problem here (so no existing script)…

I have several lines as input, which all have this area where they are in closer proximity. Now I want to generate offset curves that kind of meandering in between this lines. (in the sketch, the black lines are the input lines and the pink ones I want to generate)
Tween curve doesn’t work because of the exceptions when two lines are on the same side.
Any Suggestions?

Prepair some aspirin. (31.6 KB)

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This is great!!.. it gives me a really valuable base on which I can develop my form finding process.
I might come back, with some further question later on :innocent:
Thank you sooooo much!!!

Well done, but I am not sure it is so robust.
here with some curves I used for my test.

Here my try, not very useful as it isn’ tusing classic components. I use Clipper through a library.

Lines are offseted then cuted by the middle line offset (using Clipper) The pills shape.

Then is green curves are on the intersection of 2 pills there are cuted and blended.

But whatever tool is used, I think curves must be a bit cleaned. I have a tool to do that in Nautilus Clean Overlapping Curves

The lines are supposed to be referenced in order, there should be exactly one overlap between two consecutive lines, and they must all be in the same direction. So if you have some lines that shouldn’t be connected, it will indeed fail.

I tried a similar idea of yours using those pills offsets and region union to define which curves should go together, but got nowhere using standard components… That big c# is intriguing !

There is not big secret. It is still a mess.
So if you install my plugin just reference LDLIB.dll
I test each pair of line/polyline and each side curve. If they touch I cut them and update the list of curves.

I will change the Blending with one of my tool because I always find that the Rhino Blend is too sensitive to the bulge.

sort of offset curve (19.0 KB)