Finding closest pairs among two lists of curves


Hi, I have been trying to overcome this problem for a while now with no success, any help would be much appreciated.

I have two lists of curves, one representing the boundary of a parcel, one representing the centerlines of nearby streets. I am trying to match each property line with the closest street segment. So far I have managed to get a point on the street that I want paired with each property line using the closest point component. I haven’t been able to isolate the correct street curves though. I hope this is clear, thanks in advance,

Finding pairs of curves.3dm (23.7 KB)
Finding pairs of (14.8 KB)


(Erick Vásquez) #2

sort your street curves as well and remove duplicates.

Finding pairs of (17.0 KB)



Thanks Erick! I had to make a couple of changes to match the indices of the corresponding curves but your solution essentially works. Here are the changes I made.

Finding pairs of (13.8 KB)