FindByFullPath - mac plugin failure?


I’m currently trying to rebuild a pc plugin to a mac plugin and am getting some odd results.

Firstly some background:

  1. I am using the template for xamarin as a guide to rebuild by and am slowly cutting and pasting methods into the ‘RunCommand’ to test each method individually because my first attempts at compiling the complete plugin resulted in a plugin that would not launch for a user - ie. the plugin appeared not to be recognized at all by rhino despite compiling successfully and providing no error when launching the rhino application itself.

  2. Early, piecemeal builds according to the above ‘divide and conquer’ test method seem successful however I’ve noted a surprising result. FindByFullPath seems not to be recognized in the mac version. For example the successfully compiled plugin halts and fails to return the message “stop test” when trying to test for layers such as in the nested layer example below:

String full_name = " layer a :: nested layer b :: nested layer c";
RhinoApp.Writeline(“start test”);
Int32 id = doc.Layers.FindByFullPath(full_name, true);
RhinoApp.Writeline(“stop test”);

The failure occurs regardless of the layers being present or not.

  1. As a result of the above surprise I’m curious if there is a list of known reliable methods that can be used or alternatively avoided before I proceed too much further with this work or if recommendations can be made for how to best proceed.

Sincere thanks.

A few things:

  1. Have you tested the plug in compiled in windows at this page:
  2. This page should have up to date documentation:, FindByFullPath does seem to be included.
  3. Does the code which comes from the template compile and load in Rhino?
  4. Without seeing more of the code and how you are compiling, it might not be so simple to track down the issue.


Your comments are appreciated.

  1. Thank you for the reference (I didn’t know the page / service existed).

  2. Thank you again! I’ve been using rhino common as my primary reference but will now also refer to this.

  3. Yes it does.

  4. After some digging if found that the problem was with how I was using / defining doc. I’ve adopted the doc that arrives in from RunCommand and things seem to be running more smoothly.

I now have another similar problem with the use of DisplayMode - I cannot get it to return a value (the code halts) when the below single line of code is executed.

DisplayModeDescription display_this = doc_this.Views.ActiveView.ActiveViewport.DisplayMode;

I’ll try to work this out …