Find Your Licenses

I’m working to make it easier for you to know what licenses you have, where they are assigned, and whether they are upgradable.

Please visit and let me know how it works for you.

Is there anything you’d like to see improved? What?

Please DO NOT SEND SCREEN SHOTS of your licenses when you reply. The internet is watching.


I am wondering what the significance and purpose of the “Until” date and time shown under permissions is. Also whether I need to be concerned that the ones shown for me under Rhino3d and discourse are in March and April of 2021.

I would like to suggest under “browser requirements” it would be useful to show the earliest version of each that will work, as well as the latest. Even if you don’t want to confirm each back to the beginning of time it would still be useful to show a reasonable “earliest confirmed” date.

Works for me.

What does “Personal” mean in the Rhino 7 license listing?

Where do you see this?

There aren’t any browser requirements for this feature. You might have trouble with IE6, but then again, you might have trouble getting IE6 to run anywhere.

Your Rhino account comes with a default entity that is your “Personal” entity for licenses that you don’t share. You can optionally create one or more teams to share licenses with other people.

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Hmmm. It seems that in exploring the link you gave I got into “My Account” -> “permissions” and clicked on the apps listed under “AppName”. I also don’t remember the page reached directly via the link looking like it does today. I assume you did some more work on it yesterday?

“Browser Requirements” is on the Accounts Help page:

Sorry for not realizing I had strayed away from the specific object of your inquiry.

Along those lines I personally think that the Table view would probably be a better place to open the page. It’s more succinct and simpler appearing. This is not to say the Report view isn’t useful for the greater detail it supplies to understand the upgrade paths. For those with many licenses they’ve had through many versions and upgrades I think it would be TMI for an initial look and could take a lot of scrolling!

Am I correct that right now it only shows Rhino licenses? Do you intend to add Bongo. Brazil, Flamingo, Penguin, etc.?

I want a clearer starting page, too - I think all of what is displayed is too complex right now.

It shows all the licenses associated with your email address. Please DM me any license keys you think are not showing up properly.

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I’m still interested in the significance of the dates on the Account Permissions page.

Your login token expires on those dates. After that, whatever you’re logged into stops being logged in, and you have to enter your password again.

I guess I’ve never noticed this before. Is it a new thing? Once logged in again, how long a time period until it expires again?

works for me,
as a feature information about the last use (date/system) could be a useful addition

Cool idea. Are you suggesting that we record the last startup of Rhino, or just the date when the license was assigned to a computer, zoo, or cloud zoo team?

Only speaking for myself, but I would like to know the last startup “location” / system. I use my license on different PCs - some are accessible to others - and sometimes I forget to log out. Knowing that my license is not used in a random location, where it couldn’t be me, would give peace of mind.

But sharing the location / or systemdata with mcneel is probably not something all users want :thinking:

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