Find vertex of a 3D mesh object

On the internet I found this code. It searches the mesh for the minimum point on the Y. Why Y? How to find the minimum point on the X or Z?

    Const rhObjectMesh = 32

    Dim strObject, arrVertices

    strObject = Rhino.GetObject("Select mesh", rhObjectMesh)
    arrVertices = Rhino.MeshVertices(strObject)

    Dim v, pointMin
    If IsArray(arrVertices) Then
            For Each v In arrVertices
                    If Not isArray(pointMin) Then 
                            pointMin = v
                    ElseIf v(1) < pointMin(1) Then  
                            pointMin = v
                    End If

            Call Rhino.AddtextDot("YMin", pointMin)
    End If

Regards, Pavel

Change out the ‘1’ with ‘0’ or ‘2’ (for X and Z respectively) in the line that reads:
ElseIf v(1) < pointMin(1) Then

aahhh. Sorry. I’m dumb