Find Unrecognized Objects

I’m opening a rather complicated script that a colleague made a few years ago. I/O tells me that there is a “Counter” component from Kangaroo 0.9 somewhere in the script. I’d rather not install the old Kangaroo just for this, is there any way to find the unrecognized component in the logic? i.e. see what was connected to the inputs and outputs so I can wire up a replacement component?

Thanks for any help.

As far as I know, there is not… You will have to temporarily install Kangaroo 0.9 and do an F3 on your definition to find your ‘Counter’, then change it and uninstall Kangaroo 0.9. (Please someone correct me if I am wrong)

I guess if you had the file saved as .ghx you could inspect the xml to find it, but I’m not sure if it will be very human readable.

You are not alone in this problem. Old scripts usually have incompatibilities that you need to fix before it works again, and if you know what you are doing, it might take you less time to just do it yourself again.

Thanks for the reply. Indeed I would re-do it myself in a lot of cases, but this definition is huge and would take a very long time to re-develop for the sake of a single component.

It seems like it wouldn’t be too hard to replace unrecognized objects with dummy non-functional components instead of nothing: upon opening create a bright red placeholder box that does nothing except preserve the inputs and outputs and display the name of the missing component. This would make it a lot easier to go through and replace unrecognized objects without downloading a bunch of defunct extensions.

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I’m afraid it’s harder than what it seems to be.
The topic has been discussed frequently…

Thanks for the reply wim. I’ve seen requests to automatically subsitute actual components, which run into problems because the component you’re replacing with won’t have the exact same functionality.

What I’m asking is if an unrecognized object could be replaced with a non-functional box that would just show you where the unrecognized object is and what it was connected to. The script wouldn’t work until you connect something else but at least you could fix it more easily than by visually scanning for broken connections. This seems like it should be a lot simpler, since a gh save tells you the location and connections of every component, doesn’t it?

My apologies if this has also been asked to death.

As I understand it, no, it doesn’t. The components do that. When they are missing, that information is gone.

Ah, that would explain why this hasn’t already been done! Thanks for taking the time to reply.

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Hi Matt - I don’t know if you saw this one:


Wow, that’s my exact request! I downloaded the WIP and it works like a charm. Thanks for pointing out the update!