Find only points

Dear My friends
as you see in the panel there is 200 points and many polyline curves.
now I want to select only points to apply another command.

Select only (9.0 KB)

please help me if you can

While there is a way to extract the points in your definition, I think it’s simpler just to extract them from the curves themselves. :slight_smile: (5.9 KB)

thank you for your reply.
but why you delete point that I’ve created?
please look at my algorithm and do not change anything.

I want the select only point that I’ve created.

Ok boss, please don’t hit me! :slight_smile:
(I’m sure it’s not your intention but your answer could be interpreted as rude, especially when I’m trying to help you)

anyway, here is a quick solution: (it’s a trick. the point component is supposed to look red as it tries to interpret points, but half of the list are not valid points, since they are curves) (6.8 KB)

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when i use cull duplicate command i can select points as i want.
but i do not know why we receive error?

Select only points with (13.0 KB)

Thank you very much.
maybe it was a misunderstand.

your new way is great and please tell me how can we remove red point error?

we don’t. It’s supposed to be red. (it’s an unconventional but fast way)

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it is just telling you one of your items is not a point, and skips it. It won’t effect anything.

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