Find materials of selected object(s)

As far as I can see, the only way to actually discover what an objects material colour is, is to right click on it and choose “Object Material”.

This can look like it does nothing, since unless the actual material is visually on screen in the material editor, nothing changes.
On a laptop with many materials assigned, and the materials property panel docked under, the material editor list might only show a few materials, and we might not see the little yellow dot that indicates what materials are used.

Further, if the selected object was a group, it may have multiple materials, and then we have to scroll up and down the list in order to find the dots. Since we may not know exactly which materials we are looking for, we have to ensure we visually check the whole material list.

This is better than nothing, but its a very awkward way of showing the results of this query unless you only have a very small number of materials.

I think there needs to be a simple list of the materials popped up in a dialog box, exactly the same as used when “SelMaterialName” is called. Then there is no faffing around, and its a simple and direct way to find the information.

Further, the “Object Material” command is inexplicably absent from the options available from the menu within the material editor, which is where I at least would logically expect to find it.


Hi Rabbit - for a single object, or multiples with the same material, the Properties panel > Material page shows the material -


Does that help?

I can see the utility of popping up a list of all the materials used by objects in a selection thoough. rather than ‘Varies’. But then I suppose the next thing would be to select or indicate which has which…


But it doesn’t …

Here, in image P_01, I’ve selected the bath, right clicked on it and chosen “object material.”

Nothing appears to happen. This is because:

a] The actual material, which I happen to know is “Porcelain” isn’t showing on the list of materials top right, because its off the screen, and
b] The properties bottom right hasn’t updated from the last time I was working with it - it still shows details for the material “light_green”

If I scroll up (P_02) then eventually the material appears, with its yellow dot. The details still show that for “light_green”.

I have to actually click on the colour swatch “porcelain” to make the details change. P_03.

This is considerably less than perfect. To my mind, when I choose “object material” from the right click menu of a selected object, then:

  • the material swatch should highlight and if its off-screen, automatically scroll to the bottom or top of the list
  • the details panel (if open) should update with the correct material.

If the object selected was a group with differing materials, then a popup list showing all of them would be appropriate, and then from that list you could choose the material you were interested in.

There may be a better or preferred way to use the materials resource generally; it must have been coded with some mindset as to how it would be used, but I personally find it far from user-friendly or intuitive.


Right-click in the materials panel and choose the entry to show only materials for selected objects. That should make it easier to find what you’re looking for.

Thankyou - that does clean things up considerably!

However, the details panel doesn’t change to reflect the material; you still have to actually select the swatch to update it…


Yes, that has always been the case. There is no autoselect. But it also allows you to change materials regardless of object selection.