Find highest point for each Y-value


I need to make a surface around multiple breps. I decided to slice the breps with some YZ-planes, the result can be seen in the picture. Now I would like to select the highest point for each Y-value.

So in this case I need to find three points ((0,0,5);(0,5,5) and (0,8,3)). I am trying to find a selection rules that allows to select the highest Z-value, for each Y-value that is present, but don’t have much succes at it for now. Important is that it should be a method that can be applied to random breps.
Anyone with an idea how to solve this problem?

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Reinout van Arnhem

Group the points in different branches according to their Y coordinate, sort them using the Z coordinate and select the last one.

Find highest point for each (8 KB)


Thanks it worked. Now that was the first part. I adapted it so that it gives me the highest point for each combination of X- and Y-values. It worked when I slice the Brep in max 10 slices, but when I exceed that amount of steps, it gets faulty. I’m using a clone structure component and this doens’t work like expected when the step size is exceeded. It doesn’t clone the same tree structure as given in the input. Do you perhaps know a solution for this problem? Am i making this to complicated?

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Nieuw oppervlak (28.6 KB)

I don’t have treesloth installed so I can not undestand your def.

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