Find center point (intersection between helper lines)

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I started just started today working for rhino/ grasshopper. I have a given 3dm model and I need to export many points from similar shapes into excel for another project, so far I am making slow but steady process doing so automatically in grasshopper. I am currently not getting any further:

I need to get a point at the intersection of two “helper lines” of an geometrie, the helper lines are not edges (see attachment). I have tried to just catch the point manually but the point does not “snap” into place at the intersection, therefore it would be inaccurate. I would really appreciate if someone could help me. Also i cannot select the helper lines as curves/lines etc.

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wanted point

_ExtractWireframe, then _Intersect. But not sure what that would give you, since these isocurves are a bit arbitrary

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With the trimmed surface you may not get the results you are looking for.

the grasshopper way is Iso Curve component, with an MD Slider and reparametrized surface.

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seems to be behaving, there will be cases where this won’t work as expected.

IsoCurve on Trimmed Surface Curve|Curve


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Thanks guys!! Both replies were very helpful.
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Use Untrim and Area