Find Brazil License Key:

I am trying to find my Brazil License Key to use with Serengeti can you tell me where to find it?
Thank you in advance

Brazil has nothing to do with Rhino WIP.
The V5 version of the Brazil plugin will not run in V6.

To participate in the Rhino WIP, you need your Rhino V5 key code.
Details are in the Serengeti category.

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I’m sure there will eventually be a V6 compatible Brazil.
The basic problem is the Software Development Kit for V6 has not been finalized.
Every time the SDK is modified, any plug-in based on the old one will be broken for the next WIP release.
Currently, the SDK is being updated for almost every new WIP release.
We are working towards an SDK “freeze”.
When that happens, then it will be possible for plug-ins to be built against it and released.

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Thank you for this information.