Find and Replace Dialog: always on top - bug

Hi there,

the “Find and Replace Dialog” from _EditPythonScript is always on top of everything.
Which sometimes is annoying.

Thanks, Jess

I think this mimics the very popular Visual Studio. If a user doesn’t want it, he just clicks the X. I’m having some difficulty imagining how else it could practically work. How would you re-access it if it’s behind something else? I suspect you would need to go through some process that’s no easier than just re-activating it from the menu, command line or keyboard shortcut.

As it’s non-modal, I usually just push it out of the way. --Mitch

Then the focus goes back to EditPythonScript and you’ll have to tab back to the current app. There should be way… @dale ?

I’d think it could be on top of Rhino and the editor itself when the editor has focus without being on top of everything else all the time…