Find almost duplicate surfaces

I’m working at a lighting design office and perform day lighting studies in Rhino with Climate Studio.
We receive 3D models from architects and have to first clean them up. The most tedious part is, that glass surfaces e.g. windows should consist only of a single surface. In the architects models windows, however, commonly the glass panes consist of two or more surfaces, which are only a few millimeters apart. This means we need to manually delete all of these “almost duplicate” surfaces. By almost I mean, that they have the exact same size, at least one coordinate would be identical (depending on the orientation and rotation) and the other two would almost be the same. Maybe this could be solved with a tolerance slider. It doesn’t really matter which of the two “almost duplicate” it selects.
Does anyone know a script that could solve this?

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Grasshopper will do it, do you need a solution in GH? It requires a basic understanding of GH.

I would highly appreciate it. I have basic understanding of GH but I’m not able to write such a script unfortunately.

Would you like to provide some samples of your problem?

Here is a sample Rhino file:
Link to One-Drive as Upload here doesn’t seem to work
Thank you very much, Quan Li

leave (16.7 KB)

To know how to import from and bake back to Rhino, see pictures 2 and 3.
You can use the number slider to adjust the distance between panes.

Thank you so much, Quan Li :slight_smile:
This will save us a lot of time

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