Find a video

In the previous paragraph, I saw the use of rhino grasshopper to make a video similar to this sculpture, but I can’t find this video now. Does anyone know the link to this video?

Google image search says that is located in Pappajohn Sculpture Park, Des Moines, Iowa.

Jaume Plensa (Spanish, born 1955)
Nomade 2007
Painted stainless steel / 324 x 204 x 216 inches
Jaume Plensa uses letters as the basic
components of much of his art, which explores
communication issues whether they be between
individuals or cultures. This work depicts a
crouching, anonymous figure, with a “skin”
composed of letters from the Latin alphabet. The
sculpture exemplifies Plensa’s ongoing interest in
ideas presented in written text. He has described
individual letters or symbols as components
that have little or no meaning on their own, but
blossom into words, thoughts, and language
when combined with others. Plensa’s screens
of letters offer a metaphor for human culture, in
which a person alone has limited potential, but
when formed into groups or societies, becomes
stronger. Nomade engages the viewer on many
levels, from our recognition of the letters that form
the shape, to our own physical interaction with
the work as we view it from afar or from inside the
work’s interior space.

Haven’t see any video of Grasshopper for it but saw this, which is pretty cool: