Final 5% of render very slow

Hi there, just downloaded the Windows WIP and tried to render a file that I had already drawn in Rhino 5. It was a mm scale large model with a total file size of just under 200 MB. Seemed to work fine but the final 5% of the rendering process was extremely slow. That is it took as long to chug through the final 5% as it did to do the first 95% of the render. No settings were changed from standard and I am running Windows 10 on a Dell xps 15 with all the fruit. I do not have this issue when rendering in Rhino 5 with the same machine.

Can we get the file?


It’s 200 MB, do you have drop box that can handle that? Otherwise happy to
do it any other way that will work. My email server will choke on it


You can send the file using . As recipient you can give . It helps to paste the URL to this conversation in the comments section.


That’s done - URL reference line is:

Thanks for looking at this.


Thanks. I’m not sure if the gmail link works, I rather meant the discourse web interface link (Final 5% of render very slow) but if necessary I can remind @andy about this thread (:


Hi Nathan

Well here is the link to the topic on your site:

Do you want me to upload the file again using that reference?


No need, as said I’ll poke @andy about it of necessary.


Which renderer were you using? is it possible that you were rendering using Flamingo on Rhino 5 and the RhinoRender on V6?

  • Andy

I was using RhinoRnder on V6 and that is what created the slow render
conditions that I mentioned in my email. I normally use Flamingo NXT on V5.

I did however go back and check if RhinoRender in V5 did the same thing and
this was not an issue i.e. there was no performance drop during the final
5% of the render process.

Am I missing something here? Could it be that the countdown timer on V6
does not work properly? I’m not sure that is the issue however as overall
render times seem slower in V6 versus V5 using the same base hardware.

Hope that helps.


Quick update. I went to the Dell website and found a graphics driver that
had been released on the 6 of July 2017:


After running that update the problem seems to be resolved and RhinoRender
in V6 is now running faster than in V5.

Thanks very much for looking into this and my apologies for any time wasted.