Fin command seems to have taken a hit in SR8

My guys are reporting deteriorated performance from the Fin command with the latest service release. I will post an example. While the ExtrudeCrv command works well on the two marked edges, the Fin command fails catastrophically. I have to duplicate the edge and rebuild it for the Fin command to work.



fin command.3dm (85.6 KB)

It’s working so far here, though the preview is ugly. My build says SR8, but I’ll just make sure with the one on our web site, I install and uninstall these all day. Hang on a bit…

Yes, confirmed that the release SR8 is broken. Ugh. Let me see what we can do.


It looks OK here in a newer build than you have.

I’m running an internal build from about a week ago. These changes will be in the next Service release.
If it’s a problem, in Rhino Options - Updates and Statistics, you can change your update frequency to Service Release Candidates and will get the fixes sooner.

Glad to hear it’s working good in your in-house build. Here is what I’m getting:


That would be the expected (goofy) result if the “base surface” was selected as the green one instead of the red.