Filters and Osnaps don't stay put

Here they are.

window_positions-Scheme__Default.xml (21.4 KB)
settings-Scheme__Default.xml (124.4 KB)

I couldn’t find the original YT item so I added another one.


Hi John,

FYI… I completely uninstalled Rhino 6 on my laptop and re-installed it and the problem is gone. I did the same on my desktop and the problem persists.

I followed Pascal’s direction for uninstalling:

<Uninstalling Rhino 6 Beta>

I was curious about what changes everytime I close Rhino, so I grabbed a copy of the settings when the Osnaps were saved on the left, and another when they were saved on the right. Basically I just opened Rhino and closed it, copied the settings folder, then repeated that process again. Nothing else was done. When I compared the files the differences were substantial.

I will send you these settings files, so you can pass them along to the right people. Please check your inbox for an email with the title “Settings files with Osnaps on the left and the right”.



Still finding the problem here, was hoping to avoid completely uninstalling, but it looks unavoidable I guess…


Hi Mitch,

You have a 50/50 chance. I reinstalled the RC on my desktop and it didn’t solve the issue. My laptop didn’t have the issue until I copied my desktop computer settings, then it did. I was able to fix my laptop by re-installing.


I’ll jump in and add that I’m seeing the same problem here too. Toolbars seem to have a mind of their own and open at whatever size they want. or are completely missing.
Almost every time my Osnap tool bar just is missing upon opening the Beta. If I click on the highlighted Osnap Button, then my Osnap tool bar will show up, albeit at the wrong size.

Am I correct in reading that a fresh install might fix the problem?


I think your issue is slightly different. I don’t have an issue with the toolbars going all wonky. It’s just the docked Osnap and Filters that toggle back and forth every time Rhino is opened. Everything else stays put, on both of my computers.

I think it makes sense to wipe the wip/beta clean and start fresh with the RC. There are a lot of years and a lot of installs since the WIP process began in 2012.


Hi John,

I just installed SR1 and this problem appears to be gone. It hasn’t toggled side to side at all.



I’m on SR2 and it still does here… on my 2 Win 8 machines. It seems stable on my Win 10 machine.

I’m Win 10 only.

I did a very thorough uninstall of the beta, and copied my settings files from my laptop (which never had this problem). So far so good, but I’ve got about 150 places to install so we’ll see how that goes.


The YT item is still open. If it is fixed, it happened as a result f some other change.

Just luck I guess. I will find out how it goes for all of the other installs here over the next couple of weeks. If it’s misbehaving I will hear about it, and I’ll pass it along.



Hi John,

I found this issue on the 13th install. The previous 12 are fine. All 13 share the same settings xml files.

I will keep watching for this as I install more.



Edit: this is with SR2 RC4.

Hi John,

I’m a bit further into our installation and I’ve found 4 out of 57 that have this problem. The last one also swaps the layer and properties pane that are docked vertically on the left. Between the Osnaps, filters, layers and properties swapping places, it’s kind of a disaster. I’ve never seen the docked layer and properties panes swap before.

FYI… This was on an Microsoft Surface tablet, but I just installed on another Surface and it was fine.

The mystery continues…


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I’ve been having problem with the Osnaps toolbar intermittently not showing on startup. Just installed 6.3 and gone again, usually I have a couple of toolbars docked to the right of the command line and Osnaps docked above like this. Edit. Sorry this was when I got the message 6.3 was available and did I want to install so still 6.2.

Had a lot of trouble getting properties and these toolbars to stick when I first installed, this in on a Win8.1 PC.


Now at 100 installations and 12 are exhibiting this behaviour.

Batting .880. :stuck_out_tongue:
That’s pretty good, I’m only batting .333, two out of my three installs have the problem… :frowning_face:

I have 12 users that would disagree. :smile:

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