Filter Circle with Diameter/Radius smaller than

I am new to grasshopper and I start a new topic because I could not find what I am looking for (here and via Google) - and I can not get the solution by myself (yet).

I used the imageprocessor to create a “Picture” just by using circles with different diameters. Now, for further processing, I need to filter out and delete circles with a diameter smaller than (for example) 0.4mm. Or in other words: I just want to display (and use) circles with a diameter larger than…

At the Moment my Output are CNR circles. Well, now I need to get the radius of each, use smaller than, etc. - but all I manage to get are liste with true and false.

I am not familiar with Scripting etc.

Thanks for help in advance.

it sounds like an easy problem but pls upload a file and image for people to understand better.
you’ll find guidelines here:

As Aris said, best to include your model so people can help you better, but here is a simple example showing one method to filter curves based on radius/diameter. (10.5 KB) (3.7 MB)

As you can see, I have thousand of circles as a result and I need to filter / delete circles smaller than e.g. Diameter 0.4mm.

Like this? (3.7 MB)

Check this as well. (699.3 KB)

You made my day :wink: Thank you!

Thank you!.. different, also seems to work. But you deleted that Divison which allows me to scale the circles in proportion to the grid.