Filter by text issue


I’m trying to create a script that will print out a layout into PDF file with minimum user input. I’m using EleFront ref by type feature to achieve this. The problem is that it loses text height values. Any ideas?

@Vojtech_Liska how is the text height defined?

I tried referencing the text three different ways and got the same results. In this example, the text height is defined at the object level.

The layout is created in autocad and then opened in rhino.
It should register as a normal text field. When I select an instace console outputs:
1 text added to selection

care to send the original CAD file through? curious myself to see what’s up.

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The project is already completed, so it should not be a problem.
21Q031-00_RCP.dwg (512.6 KB)

@elevelle I just noticed some very interesting behaviour
Print_AC_Layout_State (44.7 KB)
Print_AC_Layout_State (46.0 KB)

When I connect the filter to the rest of the script, it fails to detect text height (state A)
When left alone, it works as intended (state B)

@Vojtech_Liska seems to work just fine. I just refreshed the reference and the values are correct. Perhaps there is a bug in the way the text is referenced initially, I will look into that. However, the behavior seems to be as expected as it is returning the proper text height.

The issue is not with the ref block as I initialy thought.

Something else in the script is causing it. How is beyond me. I always thought the connections are one way. But there is some error further in the script that propagates backwards.