Filter a list based on another list (1.1 MB)

I thought this would be straight forward, but I was very wrong. In the attached file, you’ll see that I have two trees. The first tree stores the labels of items and the second tree stores the properties of each item. There are 165 properties per item and I want to be able to get the properties of each item stored in the first tree and maintain the tree structure.

For example, the structure of the first tree is:

{0} N = x, {1} N = x, {2} N = x,…

Each “N” item in each branch have 165 properties that are stored in the second tree. I want to filter out the second tree and create another tree with this structure:

{0,0} N = 165, {0,1} N = 165, {0,2} N = 165,…{1,0} N = 165, {1,1} N = 165,…

I would be grateful for any help or direction on this.

something like this?

That did it. Thank you so much! Sorry for my late response.