Filmic Blender color handling in Cycles?

Not sure if this applies to cycles or Rhino as a whole, but I just ran across a good video explaining Filmic Blender (Expanded Dynamic range)

(Video at top).

Perhaps it’s something we could use in the post-render workflow? :slight_smile:


I have already looked at this. It would be very interesting to add support for this, especially as it would help with lighting. Something for the future.

I look forward to RhinoComplete in 2025. :slight_smile:

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Hi Nates,
Awesome and educational video. This proves the gigantic brains that lead the computer industry the engineers, programmers etc. hath no clothes and need to check themselves and listen to their customers.

This would be great to have in Rhino. You should implement this asap or people will continue to use all those dumb tricks we have been forced into using to light our scenes.

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Can I bump this topic? Filmic has made an enormous difference working in Blender - lighting behaves MUCH more realistically now.

For example, I want to render a super basic white room, white walls, white ceiling, white floor. Light comes from flourescent tubes in a trough right around the ceiling perimeter.

This is what RhinoCycles delivers, looks terrible. The extreme clipping near the lights makes you feel like the lights are really bright and the room should be much lighter, but its so dark

Blender 2.79 using Filmic&Base Contrast looks like this, logarithmic - no clipping, brighter room, much more realistic.

This wasn’t a big deal to add to Blender 2.78, it was just “a simple OpenColorIO configuration”, at

I’m hoping this would be simple to add to Rhino too?

You may bump.

Blender already had OCIO integrated for a long time when the filmi configuration was added.

Adding a new software dependency is possible, but not necessarily simple. It is not currently on my immediate (get code ready for v6) todo list, so it’ll be a service release at earliest. OCIO and OpenImageIO support are two dependencies I’d like to add. We’ll see when I get around to it.

Filmic is something I’d like to add eventually.