Filling the gaps between surfaces

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I hope I will find an answer to my question. As I work with surfaces and solids I need to fill the gaps between two untouching surface as I described with images below. I need to extend edges to the other surface in perfect match. How can I do it?



See if _ExtendSrf and _Trim and or _ConnectSrf helps

Dear Gijs,

Thanks for answer. Unfortunately extendsrf command fails to extend for some reason I really didn’t understand. ConnectSrf only provides edge to edge connection; however, in my case, I’m looking for edge to surface connection to imprint my extension on surfaces’ face. I don’t have any Idea on how could I use trim in this case but I will check the command once more.


If ExtrendSrf fails, you sometimes can make it work by first using _ReplaceEdge and/or _MergeAllEdges if there is a split in the edge you attempt to extend.
Note: Without posting geometry I’m only able to guess solutions, keep that in mind. Pictures often don’t give much info especially if a command fails. If _ExtendSrf fails then most likely ConnectSrf will too.

Can you please post a small example of what you have to work with?



I uploaded the model. You can see that there are some gaps between all of the plates in the model.

mcneels1.3dm (399.0 KB)

Writing from cell so can’t open your file at the moment, sorry.
Looking at your capture screens, I would give a try to put the construction plane to B and use the “align” commands to move the other plate’s edge on it.
I assume that the edge ona A is parallel to B to make align works correctly.

Edit: I opened the file, another way I would use is to ExtrudeCrv the bottom plate’s edge and join the extrusion to the plate.
After that a MergeAllCoplanarFaces would simplify the plate.

Hello - does the attached file have about what you are looking to do?
mcneels1_maybe.3dm (122.4 KB)


I’m sorry Pascal, As I use Rhino 6, I cannot open the file.

Thanks Lucio. That’s right!

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Hi -

Just in case you run into that again: