Filling in OBJ File to make it solid

How would I make the inside of this shoe a solid fill ?

Hi @D.Smith
Without seeing the actual file, the easiest way is to use FillMeshHole, but if that will give a solution you like, really depends on the exact border of the hole. If the border is fairly flat, it might turn out OK. If you are looking to build the entire inside of the shoe, that’s gonna require some more extensive mesh work, offsetting the outer surfaces, cleaning them up and blending it with the existing inside part.
HTH, Jakob

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I’d mash a sub d sphere inside it until it over laps and export the part as one file with 2 parts… most printers will see this as a solid object and you don’t do any harm to your original file.

just make sure your normals are pointing out with (verify with the DIR command)

if you absolutely need it to be one unified part, shrinkwrap in v8 wip will be your go to solution.