Filling in a section

i have a part with one side missing more or less but i need to repair another section, any help on how you gus would go about filling in this section to have a radius on the edge like the image i have for the second part?

Hello - it looks like you can probably Untrim that short vertical surface where your read marks are and either extend it or trim it as needed at the top and add a fillet at the bottom - but without the file, I am just making stuff up…


ahh sorry, here is the file, i almost got it at one point but it was off1.3dm (623.8 KB)

Hi Shawn - I’m not sure this is the whole deal but see if this is about right - if so, I’ll outline what I did to make the surfaces
1_Maybe.3dm (410.2 KB)


this is really nice, would love to see the steps, thank you!

This is what I think it would look like

1x.3dm (530.2 KB)

I reconstructed the missing surface below the fillet by using projectToCplane and then rebuilding the curve and then extruding and trimming with the fillet.

Hi Shawn - here’s what I did -

  1. ExtrudeCrvAlongCrf the lower edge of the fillet along the vertical edge - this is the dodgiest step because I’m using the edge of the fillet to generate a surface that should be much simpler and cleaner. With a bit more work you can probably make that curve more like the original surface that was there, but for now, this seems at least ‘ok’.

  1. ExtendSrf the bottom and the new surfaces (Type=Smooth) so they cross through each other.

  1. VaiableFilletSrf with Preview=Yes and use SetAll to fine tune the radius till it hits the existing little triangular surface in the corner - you ant the new fillet edge to match that little surface.

  1. UntrimBorder the new filllet and split it with an isocurve to the corner of the little triangular surface. Then you can delete the little triangle fillet.

  1. Delete the extra part of the fillet, and then Sweep1 its edge along the lower edge of the surface above.

  1. Intersect that sweep surface with the outer elliptical surface and then clean up the result that hooks in a bit too much where the two surfaces approach tangency. I used a BlendCrv with Point at end #1 in these images.

  1. Use that curve to trim the sweep surface - it replaces the little triangular thing that was there. Then some more trimming of the extended surfaces with the fillet edges.