Filling hole in surface/mesh

Hi all,

I have a dome shape with a hole in the top. It’s a surface and I’m refining to different levels then converting to a mesh. I need to retain the shape of the mesh as it is currently.

There is a hole in the surface which I’d like to remove. When I “FillMeshHole” it patches it but does not retain the mesh as I’d like it to. Ideally I’d like to collapse the circular hole to a point, and have all nodes joining at the centre. If I could do this to the surface, even better.

Pictures will make it more clear!

Does anyone have any tips please? Thanks!

Hole in surface:

Filled hole:

Patches over but doesn’t retain the same topology

Hi @tfisher05

You can use `AlignVertices’ with a value higher than the size of the hole.
To avoid it also collapsing other internal edges, you can use the ‘SelectNakedEdges’ option on the command.

Hi -

It’s impossible to tell from those pictures but if the hole is planar, you can just use Cap.

This worked amazingly, thanks!

Unfortunately not planar, but still a handy tool to use in the future. Thanks