FilletSrf On Inside Edge Results In an Empty Curve

I created a fillet for an inside corner, but the resulting curve is empty. Take a look at the attached pic. Seems like this should be a simple fix. Thanks!

is that a surface inside there?

if it is, can you upload the model in the state prior to filleting?

if not, in this scenario, you might have to run MergeAllFaces prior to filleting.

Yes, they are surfaces. I’ve uploaded my model as requested. I performed a MergeAllFaces prior to attempting the fillet again. Thanks.

base plate front subsection.3dm (6.6 MB)

Hi David – FilletSrf works on two surfaces, period - it does not care about maintaining a slid - it is a surface operation. What I guess you are after here is for all the purple things to be a single polysurface and then a FilletEdge on that vertical edge there. If all the planar faces are merged in the polysurface, as Jeff pointed out, it should work there. But there’s a bit of work to get all the bits into one polysurface first.


Yes, the one on the right is the desired outcome. So, what’s the trick in achieving that?

Nevermind. I unioned the solids together after dealing with some naked edges. Then I performed a FilletEdge and was able to achieve the desired results. As for the naked edges, I would up deleting the solid and dragging a copy into place. At some point I figure out naked edges; just not today. Thanks!