Fillets work in V6 but not V7?

got a file here that is having problems filleting, i opened up the file in v6 and almost all of them filleted except for one. the ones with the “?” are the edges that are failing.

thank you.

Untitled.3dm (1.7 MB)

Hello - Thanks, I’ll take a look.


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i did a bunch of workarounds and got the result i needed so no rush. ty

So… this works in 7 if you fillet all the edges but the one that fails in both, which is right by the seam in the cylinder:


This fails due to the seam, an age-old weakness in filletedge, but V7 seems to bail when it hits that one, if it is included, and V6 keeps going to get the ones it can do. My guess is this is likely an easy fix… famous last words. Thanks for the example.

@kleerkoat, I lied, V6 does not do it any better and I now bet it is not an easy fix.

To make it all work in both, move the seam on the inner cylinder (SrfSeam)


thank you. i was thinking that seam was it but i forgot we could move it. thanks again.

@kleerkoat - just making sure - in V6, here, if I include that one near-seam edge, it fails in the same way as V7… is that what you see?

RH-60046 Fillets fail to trim into the input


yep. thank you.