Fillets create gaping holes

It sure would be nice if the fillet tool could be made a little more robust for V6. Did a chamfer on the edges and then a fillet. Typically left me with a model which would sink to the bottom (not airtight). I know I can go and patch every hole but it sure would be nice if some of this was taken care of by Rhino.

One side filleted and the other not.Gaping (545.3 KB)

It’s not personal, it’s a limit imposed by your geometry.

Because of the angle, there is no spherical section that will fill the hole.
If they were at right angles then there would be.
Fillet by definition means circular or spherical.
FilletEdge does what it can but because there is no true “fillet” solution, it leaves the hole for you to decide how you want to fill it.

I’d use a 2-rail sweep using Tangent edges like this:

Hi Paul- yep, this is, simple as it seems, a hard case - four or more edges converging with the angle between surfaces reversed… I’ll add your example to the test cases, but I think this one is ‘known’.



That’s nonsense. Other CAD programs will make the rolling
ball fillet with spherical corner with ease.

Here is an example for one of the corners
CornerFillet.3dm (99.6 KB)

Yes, everything seems perfect, but the zebra analysis returns a little soft solution. It seems more like a fictitious solution…