FilletNonPlanar thoughts


So… This is an awesome script @pascal which I use all the time.

Now, I’m sure you’re really bored these days (hah) and have tons of time for this type of thing

But I have a couple thoughts…

  1. Nice if it behaved more like the usual Fillet… I.e. doesn’t stop you to confirm the radius each time. Just rolls with the previous value if you don’t change it.

  2. Join the result.

Actually in my wildest dreams, if a normal Fillet fails, it would run FilletNonPlanar automatically then inform you in the command history what method was used. Sortof like when you CloseCrv it tells you whether it added a segment or moved an endpoint. Could be like “Filled created using cheater method” etc. For my purposes I’d rather it just did it and let me know what it did. Maybe this is a V6 thing.

(Pascal Golay) #2

Hi Ryan - that is an ancient script, I can certainly take a look at pyhtonizing it; there are more possibilities there for friendly behavior.



Hi Pascal, I too would like to try your script if possible. Thanks—Mark

(Pascal Golay) #4

Hi Mark - it is possible - see