FilletNonPlanar error in version7

One for @pascal I guess.
I have a problem with FilletNonPlanar not working under Rhino 7.
The following error popup appearsand the command doesn’t run (sorry for german language, Rhino is set to english):
Screenshot 2021-03-24 172942

I may have accidentally dragged Pascals FilletNonPlanar script from Rhino5 times onto an open Rhino7 instance, I am not 100% sure and I am not sure either if this could be connected to the problem.

My Options>Alias list has a FilletNonPlanar entry, not sure this is the way it is supposed to work in this way.
Screenshot 2021-03-24 174835
Other scripts seem to work just fine.

Hi Norbert - that error on line 1 usually means the script file is not loaded and needs to be dragged and dropped again onto Rhino.


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Doh, I somehow got it all mixed up.
It’s working now, thank you for the quick response.
As allways:
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