Filleting understanding

Hey guys, is there any idea behind why filleting isn’t working as expected or how to prevent issues like this?

rhino doesn’t know what to do with surface C because it is not in a edge relation with surface A

you can fillet all edges and use those untrimmed new fillet surfaces to construct what you want as below;

or you can make something like this

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Thanks a lot for clarifying . Makes absolute sense. But this could be an option of a next version of the fillet-edges-command in Version 6 @pascal @stevebaer @Helvetosaur? Would prevent tremendous headaches for newbies and parametric programs as Solid Works know instantly what a user wants to achieve since ages.
This is not about being logical and how Rhino interprets but userfriendlyness - future fillet command could be hence a no-brainer in the industry!

@Blastered like your first approach! Is the 2nd approach finished by the blend-surfaces-command? thx a lot for your help and efforts!
The animated gif looks quite like :smile:


This is a 3rd approach - better work with single surfaces :wink:


yes “blend surface” is the command. i made that GIF uploading saved screenshots to a web site.


hi @hannesgrebin

i would not recommend anybody to use single surface method. Why? because it would become harder and harder as you progress in your model. there would be hundreds of points and nearly zero surface control.


Thanks @Blastered I see! You’re right. concerning Recordit - try it out, it’s free and supereasy and instantly uploads your screencast providing a link to the video or gif-generating link.

Hi Hannes- yep— being able to skip to surfaces that are not part of the edge selection, so to speak, is very much on the ‘pile’ for FilletEdge but I don’t know the exact state of the work on that.


I recommend using merge surf with smooth set to “no” on surfaces B and C. Then join all the surfaces back together and run solid fillets. Afterwards you can go back and explode the object and add a surface spit to the point where B and C merged. Super quick and easy.