Filleting nose of a cone


(T Donov94) #1

I have made a cone and I want to fillet the nose (dull it). Is seems like a simple question but as there is no edge or anything at the top I can’t just fillet it.
What is the best way to go around this?


Start with a circle that represents the base and a straight line that represents the axis of the cone with one end “center” snapped to the circle and the other end at the desired height of the cone. Draw a curve that represents the desired shape of a section through one side of the cone, with one end “end” snapped to the top end of the axis and the other “near” snapped to the circle. Then one-rail sweep the curve around the base circle. Delete the circle and the axis if you just want the cone surface. Hope this helps.


…Another way: Create truncated cone, then Fillet Edge (upper)


could also use pipe with 2 radii and a round cap


Just sketch the form then Surface revolve the shape.

(Diego Krause) #6

rebuild the cone surface, add some point rows and flatten a few on the top.