Filleting issue

Yes, that works - thanks. But again I just want this type of example to work without the cheat!

hi @sach if you make the object then mirror it exactly over the boundary, no overlap, the intersection is more or less square. This edge cannot be filleted correctly with FilletEdge. FilletSrf is in this case much better suited to solve this issue:

Fillet issue3_SG.3dm (657.6 KB)

some reason I haven’t paid attention to that video much till now :sweat_smile:

k, so where’s the Eto Framework for Rhino to be able to ‘pipe trim blend edge’ :blush: ?

fillet edge might be better. And variable fillet etc., but if ‘blend edge’ or srf blend is the best thing available then I might start doing that approach more often…

I’m tired of the whole ‘true fillet’ thing :crazy_face: :sweat_smile: I just want a sand paper and buffing wheel tool, or blend srfs will do lol.

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I’ve just come across a great example of unexpected solid fillet edge failure.

In this example, the fillet edge across two edges fails, but works when broken up into a few more steps…

This shows that the geometry clearly allows for an outcome that works, and one would hope it would happen in one go…(!)

Fillet issue4.3dm (486.6 KB)

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added a link at the fillet issue collection


Thanks @Tom_P good idea

I seem to remember this scenario failing in the past with overlapping fillets.