Filleting edges is there any going back to prefillet afterwards?

I fear that if I think I am done on the shapes then fillet to get the radiused edges, then better info comes my way so I have to revise sizes and shapes, now that they are filleted, doing so will be denied me.

If I need to shorten an object using scale1D for example, will the fillet remain at 2.5mm rad ?

If I need to alter its diameter will the fillet remain at 5mm rad for example.

Will a fillet still be from surface to surface if I alter the size of one object and the intersecting one stays same size ?
At thr moment I create a copy of the file for filleting, knowing I can go back prior if need be.
or create copies of all the layers and dupe them with content, name them pre fillet.


AFAIK it’s either this or undo back to the unaltered state.

Suggest you at least try these scenarios before you post your questions; experiment (play). Good learning exercise!

Tried filletEdge and it doesnt retain its radius when scale1D or 2D used.

I am unable to filletSrf multiple surfaces, after two picks I get a surface. Fillet edge requires

unioning the solids, but then altering one later on is impossible.