Filleting an edge like other CAD softwares?

Hello everyone, I was following this MOI3D tutorial in Rhino: MoI3D - 4 - Basic Objects 1 - YouTube when I came across this problem, it’s better explained with pictures:

Filleting an edge in Rhino results in this:

(The fillet stops abruptly when reaching another edge)

The correct result should be this:

(the fillet extends beyond the edge while following its direction)

is there a way to achieve the same thing in Rhino?

Can you post a Rhino file with the object in your first screenshot?

Without the fillets please.

yes, here: fillet.3dm (235.6 KB)

This little fillet on the corner is the problem.

The solution is to do the big fillets before the small fillets.

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Gosh I haven’t even notice it, Thanks for your help!!

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