How to fix filletedge:


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If you want any useful advice on your filleting problem, it is better to post a 3dm file. You can use the “Upload” button when you write a reply (arrow-up).

Isnt it a common problem?
Untitled.3dm (260.1 KB)

the problem is the sphere seam, if you move it like this. it works fine

why is it like that?

Filleting is a difficult operation, and the sphere seam can make it more problematic because the fillet has to “reach over” the surface boundary (the seam is a topological boundary between the east and west of a square surface where north and south boundaries are shrunk to a point).

However, this is quite a simple case - the intersection between a sphere and a cube - and it may be a good test case to improve the filleting algorithm.

Well I didnt understand any of that. Hope it wont disrupt my work in the future.

Hello - please see the chapter on Nurbs surface topology in the level 2 training material -


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