FilletEdge isn't selecting curves

Hello, I’m trying to round the cuts made in this structure but FilletEdge won’t select the edges of the circles. It just selects half of them and I read that this happened because the structure wasn’t joined together but once I fixed it, it still didn’t work.

Kayak CORREGIDO copy te odio copy.3dm (3.7 MB)

filletEdge fails because the edge is naked / not joined.

_showEdges will show this.

but filletEdge still fails.
the cylinder-like-Surface (green) looks strange
especially after _DivideAlongCreases it shows many unexpected and unnecessary divisions.
I guess you have to rebuild this surface to make filletEdge Work

I rebuilt the figure with less divisions hoping that the extrusion would be cleaner but it still gets divided into too many unnecessary lines. This work has been done following a teacher’s tutorial and he doesn’t seem to have any problems when watching his video, I don’t know what else to do :frowning:

Nevermind, it worked, thank you!