FilletEdge interface tweak

Would it be possible to rename some of the options so that using the shortcut of typing “S” does “SetAll” instead of whatever unimportant option it’s mapped to in V6?

Hi Jim - yeah, this is a weakness in the system that seems hard to completely work around. In this case it might be possible in English at least, but there are other cases where the same option can have a different activator depending on the situation. ( the one that gets me is MatchSrf > CurveNearSurface=On/Off. As soon as ChainEdges appears, CurveNearSurface changes from C to U.We need to swap the order of those so that it does not change.)

It might be possible to pick off at least some of these but in general, I think there will tend to be annoying ones here an there.


There’s no “human” doing the “mapping” - it’s automatic… See this thread