FilletEdge does not work for inside corners

Periodically, when I FilletEdge, the inside corners won’t fillet. For example, see the following image: fillet%20gap Does anyone know why this is?

I get the same, but only if the surfaces are split at the corner (for the screenshot I extracted that surface, but I ran the FilletEdge command while it was one single joined solid).

The split surface corner fails, but the other corner to the right is OK:

From your image it looks like this is also your case?

// Rolf

yes Rolf, this is exactly my problem

Try run MergeFace or MergeAllFaces on the object before running the FilletEdge, then you may have a better outcome with the FilletEdge command.

// Rolf

This obviously does only work with planar surfaces…
For other cases you will need to manually fix fillededges trimming shortcomings.


True. Hence my wording “may” :slight_smile:

// Rolf