FilletEdge can it be flipped outwards?

I need to get a 0.05 inch fillet between A and B.

FilletSrf heads off beyond A - B in this file.

FilletEdge goes inwards, I cant see a way of flipping it outwards.
How does one flip it to be an external fillet ?

Solid was an extruded closed curve so should be ok.
fillet A to B.3dm (110.6 KB)



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Hello- The edge you are indicating has nothing to do with the object on the right. BooleanUnion, then fillet.


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Ah yes silly me.
I was needing to do more to it so didnt want to union it just yet.

On this occasion FilletEdge worked a treat, unlike FilletSrf on the non unioned one.

When to FilletSrf or FilletEdge, that is the question, whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows…

Shakespeare !


maybe surface ‘normals’ direction related. the boolean union automatically flip them in a particular direction, usually ‘outwards’ if it’s closed or something idk

similar to this probably: How to model a nut no videos anywhere - #32 by martinsiegrist

once I capped the open polysrf then the normals flipped outwards. but the normals could be flipped manually instead without capping and making sold, then might work with said workflow.

so you could probably flip the normals of those srfs without having to joing or boolean them.

all depends on desired workflow and characteristics of Rhino’s GUI