FilletCorners failing


See BadFilletCorners.3dm(75.6 KB) file; filletcorners clearly fails to produce expected results.


I don’t know why yet, but if you Explode them and then Join them back together, the FilletCrvs problem goes away.
Where did these curves come from? Based on how they are constructed, they appear to be imported.

Hi John,

The Explode-Join workaround I did not find Thanks!
These curves were at some point imported from an illustrator file. If you want I can ask for permission
to provide the original illustrator files (per email)


I don’t know that it matters much since the work-around is easy.

If the underlying problem is how Rhino imports the curves, then yes, a small sample AI file could be used to tune up Rhino.
If the problem is a sloppy tolerance coming in from the originating application, then there’s no much we can do to fix it. Using the Explode/Join “cleans up” the imported geometry just becomes part of the process.

Does that make sense?